Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Never Thought...Day 5

This week for Down syndrome awareness month, I'm sharing some moments that I never thought would happen when I heard my daughter had Down syndrome. The way Down syndrome was presented, I was sure her life (and therefore mine) would be limited. I pictured a million scenarios after her diagnosis, but I never imagined she would have such a full life with amazing experiences.

When Jaycee was born, I never thought I'd see her standing on the baseball field at Busch Stadium meeting a Cardinals' player. Nope-not in my wildest imaginations did I picture that! If you read Sunday's post, you'll know that in 2016, Jaycee's name was picked from a pool of fundraisers from the Down syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis to meet Yadier Molina at home plate.

This year, her name was picked again!

I was riding in an ambulance this summer with two paramedics and Jaycee when I checked my email in an attempt to stay awake. My husband and I had been up half the night with Jaycee as she had two hemorrhages related ton an oral-pharyngeal surgery. It had been a loooooong and scary night! She was being transported from an emergency room to the hospital that performed the surgery to get checked out. I was feeling very defeated, exhausted, name it.

Then, I read the email stating Jaycee's name was picked again to be part of the Down syndrome Association's starting line up with the St. Louis Cardinals. I was excited. I called my husband who was following the ambulance. We both needed to hear some good news after having 2 weeks of problems following this surgery (that would later be 4 weeks!).

The day of the big game came. Jaycee was excited to be at a game with all her friends and family. She stood in the warning track during the national anthem. Then her name was announced, and she ran to the outfield with one of the Fred Bird girls. I was too far away to get a good picture, but there's Jaycee with the green shirt to the left running to the outfield.

 She waited for #55 Stephen Piscotty to join her on the field. Then he signed a ball for her (and another friend with Down syndrome). Again...too far away for a good picture, but you can see him (sort of) on the jumbo screen. You can see his red hat anyways.

Afterwards, Jaycee was eager to show off her signed ball!

Did I picture an amazing experience like this when I heard Down syndrome? No, I didn't. I had no clue just how full, amazing, and wonderful Jaycee's life would be! Down syndrome has not been what I thought it would be, and that's a good thing!

Special thanks to the Cardinals baseball team and the Down syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis for giving your time and loving families like mine!

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