Friday, October 14, 2016

Meet Sophie: I Can...

Today, let's celebrate another person with Down syndrome and their abilities.  

Meet Sophie:

Photo provided by Sophie's Mom

My name is Sophie. I'm 13 years old, I was born with Down syndrome, and I can perform! I've been on stage since I was five years old. I started with ballet dancing. When I was about nine, I started acting in this program called Detour Theatre Company. I've been in the musicals, Shrek, South Pacific and Happy Days - like the famous TV show. Every Christmas season, I do this dance performance called "The Snow Queen." I'm a good performer because I'm very social, I don't get nervous on stage (but I did when I was very, very little) and I have a good memory.  Now I'm in 8th grade and I'm in choir and cheerleading. Performing is my life! 

Thanks Sophie for sharing with us today!

To learn more about Sophie's family, check out:

This post is for Down syndrome Awareness Month where bloggers write for all 31 days of October for Trisomy 21. I am part of this 31 for 21 challenge. During the month of October, the NDSS asks that we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of abilities and accomplishments. Individuals with Down syndrome have abilities that need to be celebrated!


  1. Nice to meet you, Sophie. That's great that you don't get stage fright. Most people, including me, would be too scared to attempt most of those things.

  2. She sure can! I have been so lucky - I've watched Sophie perform many times. My daughters have been lucky enough to perform with her! We love Sophie and will always be her fan club!


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