Monday, October 31, 2016

Good-bye Down syndrome Awareness Month

Down syndrome Awareness Month began on October 1st. Today, it ends. I have been blogging every day this month for the 31 for 21 blogging challenge.

Every year this comes along, I wonder what I can say or do to help someone understand Down syndrome a little better.
-I see the statistics of how many mothers choose abortion when their baby is prenatally diagnosed.
-I read the comments of those online who clearly do not understand the worth of those with developmental disabilities.
-I hear stories of other families who received a diagnosis of Down syndrome from a doctor that was given in such a way that made the family feeling heartbroken and devastated.

For those reasons and many more, I chose to write this month hoping to share a story or piece that would help someone realize there is support available through websites, books, products, and people. There are health challenges that can occur but can also be overcome. There are abilities present in those with Down syndrome that can be easily seen if someone will just look. Most importantly, there is love that is powerful enough to overcome any diagnosis.

I hope and pray that message got to the people it needed to get to this month.

I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by, shared my posts, or visited my blog's FB page. Many wonderful writers have contributed guest posts this month as well, and for those writers...I am grateful.

People from all over the world have stopped by this site this month. The top 10 countries that visited were:

Truly, I appreciate you reading. I hope you come back in 2 weeks when I resume my typical content on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Happy last day of Down syndrome Awareness Month!

This post is for Down syndrome Awareness Month where bloggers write for all 31 days of October for Trisomy 21. I am part of this 31 for 21 challenge. During the month of October, the NDSS asks that we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of abilities and accomplishments. Individuals with Down syndrome have abilities that need to be celebrated!

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