Sunday, October 16, 2016

Meet Dash: I Can...

I hope you have enjoyed the "I Can" series here on the blog for the celebration of those with Down syndrome for Down syndrome Awareness Month. If you have read all the posts in the past week, you will see that each person with Down syndrome has unique personalities, talents, and abilities. They also have people around them that love them dearly. It has been my hope that you could see that those with Down syndrome have lives that are worth celebrating.

To finish up this series, we have one more cute little guy named Dash. His mom, Samantha, has this to share:

Meet Dash

My name is Dash, and I'm almost 2.

I can sign or say about 20 words, climb up and down the stairs, get on and off the couch, walk short distances, stand, and clap. I can say "I did it" when I accomplish a goal. I love to sing "Wheels on the Bus."

I love to play the piano and help the praise team sing at church. I lift my hands to worship and take the preaching very seriously. I go to Sunday School where I sit and listen to stories, color, and have snack and play time. I love to eat all kinds of foods, and I can mostly feed myself -even with a spoon or fork. I like to brush my own teeth like a champ every night. I also like to pick out my clothes. I actually picked out my overalls in this picture all by myself.

Dash, you have great choice in clothing! Thanks Samantha for sharing about your cutie!-Evana

This post is for Down syndrome Awareness Month where bloggers write for all 31 days of October for Trisomy 21. I am part of this 31 for 21 challenge. During the month of October, the NDSS asks that we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of abilities and accomplishments. Individuals with Down syndrome have abilities that need to be celebrated!

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  1. Hi Dash! We love you so much!! We are super proud of you and we know you will do great things!


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