Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meet Clayton: I Can...

Today, we are celebrating another person with Down syndrome for Down syndrome Awareness Month!

Meet Clayton

Photo provided by Clayton's family
This is Clayton, and he can dance! Clayton is 8 years old and in the second grade. Clayton loves being part of a local dance group through Jump, Leap, and Tumble gymnastics. Clayton enjoys rehearsing his dance steps, performing for crowds, and participating with his dance group in recitals. Clayton loves cheers from the crowd, especially when he plants a kiss on his sister's hand. Clayton does get nervous before his performances. He is able to calm his nerves and strut out on the dance floor when it's time to begin.

Clayton's parents are very proud of him for showing off his dancing skills. His mom says, "This is where he shines, and we love to watch the response that he gets from the crowd. It fills us with great joy and reminds us of how blessed we truly are."
Photo provided by Clayton's family

Photo provided by Clayton's family

This post is for Down syndrome Awareness Month where bloggers write for all 31 days of October for Trisomy 21. I am part of this 31 for 21 challenge. During the month of October, the NDSS asks that we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of abilities and accomplishments. Individuals with Down syndrome have abilities that need to be celebrated!

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