Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Son Explains His Sister's Down syndrome

Last year, I interviewed my son on his vast knowledge of Down syndrome from his ripe ol' age of 6 during Down syndrome Awareness Month. He is now a year older, and I am intrigued to hear his responses again. 

So here goes another interview with my son, Elijah, now age 7.

What is Down syndrome?
It's something you have. Sometimes when you have Down syndrome, you can't talk.

Do you think Jaycee is any different?
No, I don't think Jaycee is any different.

What are some things you love about Jaycee?
I like that she likes school, but I don't like school. I love that she likes her pets.

Why does Jaycee wear the bi-pap mask and breathing machine at night?
It is because she has sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?
It makes you not breathe at night when you have Down syndrome.

What is something that Jaycee does really well?

She plays on her IPad well.

What do you like to do with your sister? 
We like to watch movies in her bedroom together. I like to ride rides with her too.

Is it easy or hard having a sister with Down syndrome?
It is very hard because I need to wrestle her. Sometimes she hits me, and I have to get her back.

Do you think Jaycee would make a good friend for someone? Why?
Yes. She's funny.

I love getting some insight into what my son understands about his sister and Down syndrome in general. He still has some things to figure out, but he does understand the most important thing...that Jaycee is his sister and friend (and apparently wrestling buddy)!

This post is for Down syndrome Awareness Month where bloggers write for all 31 days of October for Trisomy 21. I am part of this 31 for 21 challenge. During the month of October, the NDSS asks that we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make others aware of abilities and accomplishments. Individuals with Down syndrome have abilities that need to be celebrated!


  1. So fun. Dev is now 20, and her younger brother is 14. Their relationship has changed, as they do. I do think they are better off for knowing each other and will be close again as adults.


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