Friday, October 31, 2014

31 for 21: The Big Finale

Blogging 31 days for Down syndrome Awareness Month ends today!!!!

I made it all 31 days for the 31 for 21 challenge! Thanks to all who have stopped in and read my posts. Readers from America, China, Poland, Ukraine, France, Germany, Canada, Romania, Austria, and Brazil all checked in this month. Thanks!

Typically, I post a new blog mid-week every week, so come by each week to read something new!


31 for 21 ends with Photo Friday. This photo was taken of Jaycee and I this year at a Down syndrome event at the Cardinals stadium.
This month of blogs has been dedicated to those with Down syndrome and their families. We love Jaycee dearly. We value her life. We love her through every challenge, sickness, and hard time. We love her when times are good and easy too. It's not always easy raising a child with special needs but she never asked to have these problems. It's not her fault just like it's not our fault. Jaycee and I learn together as we walk out our roles as daughter and mother. I hope you have learned something new as you read some of our stories and advice this month. 

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