Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 for 21 starts today!

October 1st kicks off Down syndrome awareness month. This year I'm joining with other bloggers to blog about Down syndrome everyday in the month of October to bring awareness about Down syndrome, which is called 31 for 21. (31 days of blogging about Trisomy 21)

I've decided the nature of my blog each day will follow a topic:
Scripture Sunday
Myth buster Monday
Teaching Tuesday
Wisdom Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Photo Friday
Sibling Saturday

Today being Wednesday, we'll kick it off with one piece of wisdom I'd like to share with parents of children with Down syndrome under 1 year of age. If I could go back in time, I wish I would have just spent more time enjoying my time with Jaycee as a baby. I was so wrapped up in the medical appointments, therapy appointments, and meeting developmental milestones that looking back I feel like I didn't spend enough time just enjoying her. I always felt there was something to a developmental skill, a therapy exercise, a medicine to give, or an appointment that was coming up.

Of course, I held her and cuddled her and kissed her. But, I wish I would have done it more. I guess every parent says that, but I especially feel that way about Jaycee's time as a baby.

So my small piece of advice for new parents is to love this time with your baby. Don't be bogged down with the daily tasks and the developmental skills. Just love on your baby. Take the time to hold them and enjoy them. This time is precious. It goes quickly. There will be years of therapy and educational concerns ahead of you, so you need to pace yourself. If the therapy appointments are too much, take a week off. Do whatever it takes to give you some peace to really enjoy this time with your baby.

And with that...I'll meet you here again tomorrow!

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