Friday, October 17, 2014

31 for 21: Photo Friday

Celebrating the lives of those with Down syndrome for 31 days in October for Down syndrome Awareness Month!
Photo Friday & the story behind it:

On Mother's Day 2014, I was thrilled to receive a beautiful purple necklace that Jason and Elijah picked out. Purple is my favorite color, so I loved it. The longer I looked at it, I realized the shape of the necklace reminded me of the cartoon princess Sophia's necklace. Jaycee had a toy version of this necklace, so she put her necklace on and we snapped this picture. Every time, I wear my necklace Jaycee loves it. Sometimes, she'll dig out her necklace and wear it when I have mine on.


  1. Sweet picture! Thanks for participating in 31 for 21; your blog is highlighted on my FB page today:

  2. This is really a lovely picture :-) ..Agnes loves Sophia the first as well and tomorrow is her 3rd birthay so I decorated all in purple and later I`ll make a special Sophia cake for her..maybe you wanna see a picture of her, then visit us on
    many greetings from germany <3


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