Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 for 21: A Sad Sibling

31 for 21 & Sibling Saturday:

Elijah loves his big sister with Down syndrome. Last week, Jaycee was having a rough night. She was refusing to undress and get into the shower. She ended up in time out a couple of times until she decided that she would start her night routine.

Elijah observed everything that was going on with Jaycee. He said, "Mom, I'm sad that Jaycee is in time out."  Then he would say things like, "You shouldn't put Jaycee in time out mom -that's mean." And he continued, "I'm sad that Jaycee is in trouble."

Of course, I explained that she was in time out because she wasn't listening. But, it was nice to hear that Elijah is sensitive to Jaycee's emotions and situation. He clearly loves her and wants to see her happy. That's exactly what I want their relationship to be!

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