Friday, October 10, 2014

31 for 21: Mom tries to be Barney

31 for 21 continues with Photo Friday and the story behind it:

Sometimes, you love your kid so much that you do extraordinary things to show it. Sometimes, you want to cheer your kid up and do something special for them.

Jaycee came home from the hospital in September. In less than 2 months, she was in the hospital 2 times, with one of those including a week in the ICU.

So when we got home, I found myself dressed up in a terrible Barney costume to make her happy. She smiled and laughed and posed for pictures. She also said "mama" three times. Somehow she knew it was me!  It was fine. Maybe that moment as mom being Barney let her forget about all the sticks and pokes and scares she just went through.

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