Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 for 21: A Sibling Story

31 days of blogging about Down syndrome continues with Sibling Saturday:

Elijah loves his sister with Down syndrome. This year was really exciting for Elijah because he started kindergarten at his sister's school. He was nervous about starting school but excited that he'd be riding the bus with Jaycee.

To get to school, the kids are picked up at our house. They are taken to the nearest school where they wait in a lobby area for the second bus to arrive. Then they get on the second bus which takes them directly to their school.

Jaycee and Elijah always sit in the front seat together in the first bus. But, after a few days of school, Elijah started complaining about how Jaycee wouldn't sit with him on the second bus.

He would say, "Mom, I want to sit with Jaycee on the bus, but she always sits with her friend. I want her to sit with me!!"

To which I replied, "Just ask her to sit with you right before the bus gets there."

Elijah then pleaded, "Sissy, sit by me on the bus tomorrow please."

It's great that Elijah loves his sister and wants to spend time with her. Unfortunately, Jaycee has yet to sit with him on the second bus. I hope he will have a desire to be with his sister throughout the rest of his life.

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